Short description:

In 2020, market communication will be converted to the primary responsibility of the metering point operator for the metered values. In the course of this, adjustments to the customer systems are necessary in order to map all contingencies and time-related allocations.


In the customer's own systems (internal master data application, system for recording metered values, processing of incoming documents, energy data information system, interfaces between the applications and control system (MaKo-Service)), rework must be carried out with regard to complete market communication in the roles of metering point operator and supplier. Furthermore, the processing of external data must be ensured. The individual software will be developed with .Net code and SQL databases. The focus is on the full implementation of the technical processes of the German Association for Energy and Hydropower BDEW.

Technical description:

The following aspects are part of the rework for the market communication 2020: The processing of master data from the market format UTILMD to map the meter-specific information including OBIS characteristics for delivery points without metering point operation by the customer and the mapping of the direction for market locations (consumption, feed-in) for the market-relevant processes. Furthermore: The consideration of the changeability of historical metering point information in the course of the market data dispatch in the area of metering point operation as well as the differentiation of the mapping of customer-internal and external complex metering point structures under consideration of the dispatch of market-relevant data. After completion, the system is handed over to the customer's internal IT department.