Short description:

Support and quality assurance for existing applications that are used as the source systems for an integrated risk management system for controlling mortgaging projects. The adjustments also form the basis for the later addition of a data warehouse.


The applications to be adjusted are implemented with different technologies. The programs on the user interfaces and some of the business process logic for the decentralized systems are modules written with VB 6.0 or Visual C++. A DB2 database is responsible for storing the data.

Technical description:

Different possible uses for real estate, different conditions of ownership and different investors require a financial institute to have a suitable mortgaging portfolio. The need to keep the risk associated with mortgaging as low as possible, to eliminate weak points and to constantly adjust the portfolio to customer requirements calls for a controlling system that can be used to collect and evaluated data from various systems. Because this type of controlling system or risk management system has to be implemented in multiple stages, the first step is to adjust the source systems to the later requirements.