Short description:

Development of new and further development of existing tables and procedures for filling a data warehouse for quality assurance in mortgaging. Development of database queries for risk analysis, reporting and downstream systems. Execution of production safeguarding measures.


The data warehouse is designed as an Oracle database and is located on a decentralized server. The data involved is monthly closing levels stored in the database as what are known as time slices. Procedures for filling the database and providing data are implemented in PL/SQL. These can be executed individually or in batch operation. Data to be exchanged with other systems is extracted to sequential text files and transferred via FTP. The Discoverer, Oracle Reports and Oracle Graphics tools, in particular, are used for analysis and reporting.

Technical description:

The risk management system is an information system for business analysis and reporting in the field of mortgaging. Each month, data is collected from a variety of inventory systems and operational systems based on different technologies; this data is used to fill the data warehouse. Evaluations that are based on the data warehouse are used for controlling and risk analysis of the real estate portfolio, as well as adjusting the portfolio, and for making data available to other systems (e.g. the property renovation area). Consequently, the risk management system forms the general data basis and source of information for the mortgaging business.