Short description:

The 'Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft (BDEW)' has decided on changes in market communication as of 01.10.2022, which entail comprehensive adjustments in the Edifact processes. These include changes in the electronic data interchange (EDI) of price lists that are to be transmitted via the PRICAT message format. The customer's existing individual software must be adapted accordingly.


The customer in the energy business is provided with item listings with the associated net prices and further product descriptions such as the physical work in kWh and the physical power in kW by the suppliers using PRICAT. For the provision of the price sheets, a new interface with .NET code is being developed with a connection to SQL databases. In doing so, care is taken to ensure that the price structure the user is accustomed to is retained and the necessary divisions of the prices are made for analog price presentation.

Technical description:

The new interface allows the user to use the search function to find relevant price sheets and prices for each postal code and city combination. The articles and prices are transmitted via different price sheet categories and are displayed in different tabs on the interface to improve clarity.