Short description:

Further development and rollout of the authorization concept in an SAP system landscape, which includes R/3 systems, HR, BW and SEM systems.


The users and roles are managed and assigned on the basis of a central user administration (CUA). Roles are expanded for new SAP implementations, adjusted and validated. FDA requirements and the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) are to be implemented, among other items. SoD (segregation of duties) infringements, in particular, are checked and solved, after being analyzed by VIRSA systems.

Technical description:

In addition to the rollout of logistics and accounting applications, the authorization concept is expanded to include BW, CATS and SEM-BPS. Furthermore, support is provided for implementing the authorization concept for other SAP applications and rollouts in the group, and the necessary expansions and refinements are carried out. The development and go-live are controlled by the Change Synergy change management system; this system is used to implement the pharmaceutical company's SOPs (standard operating procedures).