Short description:

The German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) has decided to change market communication in 2020, which mainly means a shift in responsibility from the distribution network operator to the metering point operator. The customer's systems must be comprehensively adapted accordingly.


When adapting the customer's internal systems for market communication in 2020, all basic requirements must be defined for implementation on the cut-off date of 01.12.2019. The customer will be faced with further developments of the master data application, the system for recording measured values, the processing of incoming documents, the energy data information system, the interfaces between the applications and the new development of a controlling system.

Technical description:

The following tasks are required for the changeover in the course of market communication 2020: Determining the systems involved (master data application, energy data information system, metered value system, incoming document system, interfaces), determining the processes that will change (assuming responsibility for the metered values as metering point operator and distributing these values), analyzing and describing the processes to be adapted and the new processes (data quality of the metered values, compliance with deadlines, data dispatch), preparing the implementation concept, creating a question catalog for the departments and clarifying the fundamental issues.