Short description:

Major user groups of SAP CRM, customer service and e-business (online shops) are increasingly using SAP BW as a reporting tool. The requirements to create a cockpit for evaluations of the Customer Interaction Centre and to implement harmonised KPIs between customer service and e-business are realised by the PTA.


The data comes from an SAP retail system, an SAP CRM and Hybris (online shop processing) and is loaded and consolidated in SAP BW on HANA. The often more complex issues are implemented both in classic BW data flows, in expert routines and in HANA objects such as scripted calculation views.

Technical description:

In Customer Service (CS), all customer enquiries from email, web, phone, social media, etc. converge and are recorded in SAP CRM. A significant subset of the enquiries relates to orders in the online shop. For this, a reference to the associated orders and deliveries is established via the ERP system (SAP Retail) via CRM. It is essential to be able to evaluate the distribution of CS activities among branches, warehouses, suppliers, shipping types, etc. for the planning of operations and the allocation of CS costs.