Short description:

As part of the support project, data archiving is set up for SAP BW and the plug-ins are exchanged due to a BW release upgrade.


1. In a SAP BW 3.1, data is archived on ODS objects that contain more than ten million data records and are used as DataMarts. The archived data is deleted from the table of active data. Archiving objects are created on the relevant objects. 2. After the release upgrade to BW 3.1, the 2002.1 plug-in is replaced with 2003.1. As part of this change, the delta posting method in SAP R/3 is converted from serialized delta to queued delta.

Technical description:

Archiving in order to improve run times when loading data. Substitution of the plug-ins due to a release upgrade to SAP BW version 3.1 (3.3 content), including comprehensive test phase for the new plug-ins and the queued delta method.