Short description:

The most recently introduced and rolled out automatic scheduling will be expanded by numerous features that have proven desirable, sensible and useful from productive use. At the same time, functionalities that were initially put on hold in phase I will be added. This is intended to expand both the range of products and suppliers that can be scheduled automatically. Country-specific or otherwise more specialised aspects also increase the degree of use and acceptance.


The processes are automated via the store merchandise management systems via the central SAP retail system to SAP BW on HANA. The role of PTA GmbH lies in SAP BW. Here, the information from the various source systems, to which the users usually only have partial access, is collected, harmonised and prepared for reporting.

Technical description:

New functionalities include options to work with minimum and maximum stocks, replenishment logic for minimum order quantities and values, integration of reserved quantities and predecessor-successor logic for products.