Short description:

As part of the project, the requirements for future reporting identified in the preliminary project Evaluation -CDZ Cross Docking Center of the Future- will be implemented. The basis is the parallel implementation of the business processes in SAP Retail and SAP EWM. A solution with SAP BW and SAP SAC is targeted. PTA will design and implement the data flows and reports in SAP BW. Likewise, PTA will coordinate and provide the data sources for the SAC dashboards.


There are 3 main sub-areas to be worked on: Integration into or differentiation from the existing reporting based on EWM as well as the existing business processes in SAP Retail, new reporting for operational as well as KPIs and dashboards for strategic purposes.

Technical description:

Synergies in procurement logistics are to be exploited via the increased role of CDCs and regional warehouses, manifested in new process flows with collective orders etc. By means of newer techniques in handling, it is increasingly possible to bundle goods effectively not only in terms of accounting, but also logistically, e.g. goods for several specialist centers in one truck, on one pallet or the like. In reporting, the challenge then is to nevertheless show the data separately on the separate organizational elements completely and coherently.