Short description:

The BW reports on an increasingly complex system landscape with rapid growth in new applications. A major challenge is to ensure the compatibility of the new with the existing. At the same time, the existing objects must be successively aligned with the newer technical possibilities and architectures. The ultimate goal is to ensure the prerequisites for a future transformation of the overall construct, e.g. in the direction of BW/4, DWC, etc., and thus to ensure future viability.


In addition to the existing source systems of the SAP landscape with ERP Retail, CRM, CAR and EWM, data from third-party systems such as online shops, marketplaces, logistical tracking systems and the like are increasingly being added. PTA supports all steps in the system and the individual projects as required. individual projects.

Technical description:

Complex automation projects in an environment with a very large volume of data require powerful evaluations. Current examples include the integration of online shop data with reservation, collection, logistical processing via a network of international warehouses, etc., the development of a group-wide process-oriented KPI catalogue or the development of dashboards that are consumed via the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).