Short description:

Several reports for the controlling of current product development projects exist in the customer's BW portal. The data model and reporting is enhanced with project data from non-SAP systems.


Backend enghancements: Conception and extension of the existing data model. The enhancement includes the creation of new InfoProviders (InfoObjects, DSO, Cube), transformations, programs, and process chains. The existing objects are enhanced and adjusted. Frontend Enhancements: Various enhancements to existing reports (inclusion of new characteristics and key figures). Creation of a new report for the evaluation of SAP and non-SAP projects. For some of these non-SAP projects there are no SAP program and project numbers.

Technical description:

The data from the non-SAP systems is imported into the BW system using flat files. Some of these development projects migrate to the customer's SAP system from a certain project status. However, not all data is transferred to the SAP system. An important part of the project is the combination of SAP and non-SAP data in order to evaluate the data together.