Short description:

The release upgrade is to be carried out during ongoing operation, with successive stages for the test, development and finally the production environments.


Before the system update itself, the operating system is changed from AIX 4.3.3 to version 5.x. Furthermore, the Oracle database is upgraded from to version In addition to this, a comprehensive update of the support packages in SAP BW is necessary as a preparatory measure (from SP17 to 25). After each system is updated, a test stage is scheduled. This is primarily a technical system upgrade. The use of new functions is initially planned for a very limited area only (e.g. use of process chains in BW).

Technical description:

Technical consulting services concerning a system update (preliminary and subsequent work, OSS notes for support packages), consulting regarding new functions, organization and execution of Basis work in the system before and after the update (e.g. consistency check of conversion routines, clearing up the database, converting the posting method in R/3 after the plug-in update, setting up a process chain).