The introduction of the SAP Customer Activity Repository is intended to improve the currentness of the sales and inventory information at the trading company. To achieve this, the participating application systems SAP Retail, SAP BI and the branch and point-of-sales systems are to be integrated. At the same time, Blue Yonder is used to determine forecasts for expected sales and the resulting stock increases in the stores based on POS data and make these available as order proposals.


SAP CAR is based on HANA, so that this and other SAP modules involve the introduction of in-memory processing. SAP Retail is used as the central system through which data is exchanged with the branch and point-of-sales systems and with warehouse management. These interfaces are to be optimized by the use of CAR, making it possible to employ up-to-date data when dealing with customers. At the same time, reporting under SAP BI is supplied with more current data. Blue Yonder is used as an AI (artificial intelligence) tool for the forecasts.


In particular, the aim here is to record the PoS (point of sale) data from the numerous specialist centers promptly, to prepare this data and merge it with other transaction data (especially goods receipts). In addition to more up-to-date sales reporting, this is expected to achieve real-time inventories both for the online shop and for the branch systems used in the specialist centers. This should promote the introduction of a multi-channel sales strategy. Blue Yonder is used to create sales forecasts for the individual articles based on the POS data of the stores.