Short description:

A retailer orders plants centrally from suppliers. The suppliers use an EAI tool to notify the retailer of the dispatch of the plants. The shipping notification data often only contains supplier-specific data, such as supplier article number, supplier EAN or, at the end, only a supplier article description. This information must be converted into the retailer-specific data, such as article number, EAN number and article description. In addition, the data must be enriched with further information, such as the sales price. This can be done automatically in the back office or manually with the despatch advice tool. The aim is to collect the plants quickly and efficiently at goods receipt.


When goods are received, all items should be identified as far as possible. In the event that relabelling is necessary, it should also be possible to generate 'new' labels with the correct EAN numbers and sales prices.

Technical description:

The receipt of items at the goods receiving department is to be made more efficient and less error-prone. An order is to be generated from the despatch advice data. The process is thus integrated into the standard logistics processes.