Support for several two-system and three-system landscapes in the area of SAP Basis. In addition to purely maintenance tasks (e.g. importing support packages), test management, system measurement and documentation using the SAP Solution Manager are also included. Analysis, solution and documentation of application problems from the area of HR, as well as FI/CO add to the range of tasks.


The system landscapes to be supported are ERP 6.0 EHP5 systems with HR and FI/CO modules, a WEBAS installation, a CRM system and a solution manager 7.1 system. The later is primarily used in the areas of maintenance, test management, documentation and system measurement. There are plans to extend usage to the service desk. All SAP systems use AIX 6.1 as an operating system, as well as an Oracle database (version The provision of and maintenance of shell scripts for data exchange with other systems, tasks also include partial automation kernel update, monitoring of the storage usage as well as printqueue management.


In addition to standard administrative activities, the range of SAP Basis services also includes a series of complementary actions. The former includes daily monitoring systems, availability of sufficient storage capacity, importing of support packages and notes, transportation, and making database copies to update the test systems. The latter includes support for different interfaces (e.g. document management system, social insurance carriers, tax authorities) and dealing with user problems from the areas of HR and FI/CO (e.g. maintenance of posting rules, changes to forms).