Short description:

As part of the shutdown of the old system and integration of SAP processes into the system landscape, PTA is responsible for test management and the introduction of the new ALM tool in the project. During the initial phase, individual workshops for the new tool are conducted for different users. Special focus is placed on practical experience and approaches which are required for the successful realisation of the project. In the test management area, special emphasis is placed on defining a suitable test strategy which fits the achievement of the test goals. The traceability of the test activities to increase the transparency of the test and project progress is also emphasised.


Besides the introduction of the ALM tool in the project, PTA coordinates the testing activities. In order to reduce the application and project risks, risk-oriented testing is used for the implementation of the quality assurance measures. Testers are also users of the software who are not very familiar with the testing process, but have expert knowledge regarding the system from their everyday lives and can reliably evaluate the system's behaviour. Developers also get involved with the new tool, create new artefacts and edit them.

Technical description:

The project focuses in particular on the integration of the system into the target system landscape. After completing the test activities, users must be able to carry out their business processes and perform their daily tasks with system users. The system needs to run stably in a production environment before it is used in daily business.