Short description:

Enhancement of the functionality in the SAP module MM for purchase orders. The transactions "Create and change purchase orders" are modified so that direct faxing and printing is now possible The modification has already been implemented in SAP R/3 Release 4.6B (project ID 1073), but it must be carried out in SAP R/3 Release 4.7 because the standard has changed. SAPScript is also used to change the text style of the purchase order documents.


The standard transactions for creating and changing purchase orders are enhanced with additional buttons for faxing and printing on the application toolbar. The coding and the graphical user interface of the transactions must therefore be modified.

Technical description:

For orders, a style with proportional font is provided as standard, which creates an uneven representation of tables and data. A new paragraph format with non-proportional font is therefore created in a company-specific style for texts.