Short description:

New development of a general interface, which can create individually formatted tables from SAP R/3 in Access. An empty Access database can be generated and table information (structure and data) can be adopted from SAP R/3.


Using an OCX file (OLE2 component), the Access database and the tables are created independently of an Access installation. The data is selected in SAP R/3 and transferred directly to the OCX file for further processing. This "inside-out variant", which uses OCX controls, allows methods and properties to be called in ABAP objects. The following data types can be exchanged between SAP R/3 and the OCX: string (up to 65,000 Byte); number (long, integer); date (date and time).

Technical description:

The motivation for this component is the desire to generate individually designed (fonts, company logo, graphics etc.) reports in SAP R/3. Furthermore, this inside-out variant allows the data from SAP to be further processed and evaluated in Access, independently of SAP.