Short description:

New development of a general interface, which can create individually formatted tables from SAP R/3 in Excel. New Excel tables can be generated or existing templates can be used. The motivation for this component is the desire to generate individually designed (fonts, company logo, graphics etc.) reports in SAP R/3. Furthermore, this inside-out variant allows the data from SAP to be further processed and evaluated independently of SAP.


The data is selected in SAP R/3 and transferred via an OCX file (OLE2 component) to an external tool (e.g. MS Excel) for further processing. This "inside-out variant", which uses OCX controls, allows methods and properties to be called in ABAP objects. The following data types can be exchanged between SAP R/3 and the OCX: string (up to 65,000 Byte); number (long, integer); date (date and time).