Short description:

In an R/3 production system containing the FI, CO, PS, MM, SM and PM components, SD is to be introduced for invoicing. Particular attention is to be paid to customer-related price lists for services and materials. Additionally down payments must be covered in this process.


The work is based on an upstream project for service management (incl. maintenance planning) and service invoicing. In addition, an old system operating on VAX/VMS is to be replaced. After the application proved itself in the utility line construction division, it is to be rolled out and functionally expanded in subsequent projects in other business divisions (e.g. communications technology, facility management, fire protection). To make it possible to create invoices efficiently, the data is transferred to SD orders by means of a fast entry function.

Technical description:

The fundamental challenge is that the billing is based on annual agreements that are documented in the form of supply contract-based price lists. The companies in the group that use the billing are the utility line constructors and communication technicians, who often have to design their invoices according to customer requirements, particularly in the case of energy suppliers and telecommunications companies.