Short description:

An R/3 system is introduced in Germany in three stages. Ongoing support and further development is carried out for this system for the SD, MM, WM, FI and CO modules.


The systems communicate via ALE/IDoc and with SAP R/2 and third-party systems via EDI. A Seeburger system is used for the EDI communication. In addition to ongoing second level support, the project team also supports further developments, release upgrades and the three stage introduction, with migrations and system completion.

Technical description:

Customer orders are either recorded directly in the German R/3 system or arrive in the R/3 system via interfaces, such as the "ASE" quick order entry interface. In addition to this, customers order diagnostic products from foreign companies. These are recorded in the corresponding R/3 systems and forwarded to the central sales and distribution system in Switzerland via ALE/IDoc. From there, the orders are forwarded to the production facility in Germany, which is still supported by an R/2 system in the first two stages.