Short description:

The customer is planning to convert its SAP ERP systems to a centralized S/4 HANA system. In collaboration with a partner, PTA conducts a pre-study for the S/4 HANA transformation. The current sales, logistics and warehouse processes are analyzed and documented in workshops with the customer. Based on this, the actual processes are mapped to the new innovations under S/4. A roadmap towards S/4 HANA can then be drawn up.


The pre-study is accompanied by PTA from the outset and is carried out independently with the customer's specialist department in the areas of sales, logistics and warehouse processes. As part of several workshops, the actual processes are first recorded and then the future processes are outlined. The SAP Process Navigator (formerly Best Practice Explorer) is used as the basis for this.

Technical description:

The transformation from SAP ERP to SAP S/4 HANA offers customers access to the latest innovations from SAP and the opportunity to consolidate their own system landscape. Processes can be rethought and executed more efficiently with new functions.