Short description:

Within the framework of an MS Access / SQL Server migration project, the data storage from MS Access databases is transferred to SQL Server databases. A major application concerns contracts with external service providers and the verification of compliance with SLAs of the individual services. The data model of the old application is mostly available in a non-normalized form. Therefore a re-engineering of the data model and the MS Access front-end application is carried out.


A normalized data model is created based on the data model of the legacy application. Parallel to this, an analysis of the business processes and the creation of a prototype for user guidance / data maintenance is carried out. An iterative procedure is used to compare the data model and business processes. The aim is to centralize data objects that were previously maintained separately in different business applications and thus create the basis for merging them into a central application / data model. In addition to the realization of the MS Access application, interfaces to a contract management system and an ITSM system are implemented.

Technical description:

The application serves as a central database for service reporting.