Short description:

Development of standardized reports from the service business field that are made available via the intranet to the controlling areas that are involved. The necessary data is stored in a data warehouse based on a DB2 database.


The basis for the reports is a data warehouse implemented on the mainframe as a DB2 database. Siron Web and Qubon are to be used to generate and present the reports via intranet. Data from the operative systems is made available with the help of PL1 programs.

Technical description:

Increasing expectations of the quality of reports for the machine servicing area (repairs, maintenance, etc.) make it necessary to create suitable standards and the technical prerequisites for reporting. From a functional perspective, it is important to provide solutions for the issues: reproducibility, history management, presentation, data quality, target/actual analyses, key business figures, aggregation and analysis options, in particular. The more technical requirements involve questions of the authorization concept, user interface and which reporting tool to use. The results compiled here will later form the basis for information management in the company.