An internationally active customer who offers multiple laboratory software systems has as its strategic goal the intention to only support one product on the market in the future. To simplify time-consuming configuration and to transfer existing systems to the new product, the aim is to create a semi-automated configuration migration. In the context of further development, PTA is responsible for project management, above all, in addition to quality assurance and training tasks.


The migration tool itself consists of a file-based database with a Java user interface. In addition to the configuration files for the systems, the tool can also export and import to and from MS Excel.


The further development has made it necessary to transfer multiple initial data models to a single standard in order to use this standard to enable correct transformations of the configuration data and a corresponding export to the target systems. Altered customer requirements have expanded the original plan for a 'two systems in one' solution into a 'five systems in two' transformation solution. At the start of the project, there are no documented requirements and no test case basis. The most important tasks therefore, besides eliminating errors, are clarifying the content and documentation, as well as creating a regression test basis.