Short description:

As part of another project, a data warehouse (DWH) is currently set up for the German branch of a global group operating in the retail sector. Based on this DWH, a multidimensional tabular model is built to create an opportunity for in-depth data analysis.


The DWH currently contains, among other things, sales information from the company's various stores. This sales information is prepared for a transparent analysis possibility and made available for the various specialist departments by means of a multidimensional tabular model.

Technical description:

The Tabular Model is to be used by the departments purchasing, sales, accounting and controlling as well as the management. The focus is here at the 'self-service' of the user. The solution is to be set up in such a way that users can analyze the data themselves without the help of the IT department. A further requirement is that it is always possible to understand whether the data provided is up-to-date. For this purpose, end-to-end monitoring of data provision must be implemented.