Short description:

Analysis, detailed specification and creation of software for managing DNA sequences and HIV virus strains from the isolates of individual AIDS patients.


In an Internet service, various algorithms are used to compare potentially mutated DNA virus sequences against a reference sequence. The results of these comparisons are imported by the software, managed and saved in histories. The results of the analyses are prepared and patient-specific diagnostic findings are printed out for the doctor providing the treatment.

Technical description:

HIV virus strains mutate very fast and therefore quickly develop resistance to the medication used. To enable therapy despite these mutations, the hereditary information is investigated by DNA sequencing for individual patients. This makes it possible to precisely identify mutations to the virus strain in question in comparison with the DNA sequences for other virus strains in DNA sequence databases. The information gained by comparing the sequences enables conclusions to be made regarding the resistance or responsiveness of the virus strain in question to specific AIDS medicines, enabling doctors to select specific drugs to treat patients.