Short description:

The cell counter reliably differentiates between living, deformed and dead cells, making it particularly suitable for monitoring bioreactors. Originally developed for monitoring large bioreactors, the device has also become increasingly established in small research laboratories for the discovery of new active substances. To meet these new requirements, the software is being upgraded to enable the monitoring of numerous small bioreactors.


The software now has improved connectivity and integrates a Microsoft SQL database. The development environment is being migrated from .NET 1.1 to .NET 4.5 to ensure up-to-date performance. In addition, the image recognition algorithm written in C is optimized to achieve precise results quickly. In this project, PTA is responsible for the requirements analysis as well as the coordination and creation of the work packages for the software development.

Technical description:

The innovative software now allows seamless integration of the device with different hardware, enabling simultaneous monitoring of multiple small bioreactors.