Short description:

For the replacement of an existing standard software for short-term electricity trading, the customer needs a basis for an expenditure estimate and a tender for software selection. PTA prepares the specifications with the functional and non-functional requirements for the new system.


The functional and non-functional requirements for the new system to support short-term electricity trading are determined in several workshops. The PTA translates the ascertained requirements into a specification sheet, which serves as the basis for the cost estimate of an individual development or, alternatively, for the tender for the acquisition of a standard software.

Technical description:

Short-term electricity trading is characterised in particular by intraday transactions. Due to the steadily increasing volume of these transactions at the customer's, it is imperative to record the corresponding transactions in the system promptly and efficiently. The old system to be replaced does not meet these performance requirements. The project ensures that, in addition to the functional requirements, these non-functional framework conditions are met by the new system to be introduced.