Short description:

The central master data application holds the master data on the customer's contracts and business partners in the energy business for the clients Germany and Austria. From the energy information system, external users can access the data relevant to them in the various customer systems. Authorization control is necessary for this.


For the customer, the master data application is the central system for mapping asset structures, business relationships, costing and billing, posting and processing of moving data. External users can access this data, among other things, via the connected energy information system. To ensure that only the data belonging to the company code is displayed, depending on the external company code, an authorization control is designed and developed to limit the amount of data. The application is developed with .NET code and is based on SQL databases.

Technical description:

Specifically, a retrieval interface is being developed to identify cost centers, contracts and their detailed information for relevant users for a customer platform and to determine them using separate middleware. Furthermore, a receiving interface for the assignment of users to contracts in the master data application will be developed in order to control the view authorization to the data of the customer systems. An existing interface between the master data application and the energy information system will be extended to provide address data. In addition, various interfaces between the two systems will be analyzed and, if necessary, adapted with regard to communication methods and data provision performance.