Short description:

After replacing the shipping applications from an SAP ERP, some applications will initially remain in this legacy system. A study of the quantity structure is carried out before a decision is made on how to proceed. PTA GmbH analyzes and evaluates the components in terms of cost and volume.


The remaining applications are industry-specific in-house developments. The goal is to completely replace the legacy system as cost-effectively as possible. In the process, numerous framework conditions such as pending HANA conversions, prescribed domain separation of individual components and interfaces, and various legal retention requirements must be observed.

Technical description:

The applications are needed to meet the requirements of customs and tax authorities as well as the accounting systems of the parent companies with regard to quantity and inventory accounting, energy tax accounting and some industry-specific aspects such as batch accounting, vapor recovery and the like. have to be taken into account. Due to the very specific requirements, there is little to no standard software for these topics.