Short description:

Stock management for metering devices for metering point operation takes place in the central master data system. Import options are created for the presentation of all device information and the data is consolidated.


The warehouse management for metering point operating devices within the central master data application is programmed in Visual Studio with .NET code. SQL databases form the data basis. The customer as metering point operator maps the system and contract structure for metering point operation in the energy market. There is a full conversion of the data sovereignty for the installation of metering devices to the master data system. For this purpose, imports of data from other systems are ensured and a distribution of device information to consuming systems.

Technical description:

The implementation requirements coordinated with the specialist departments include a uniform file import for device data from upstream systems, including the daily import of the assembly service provider's inventory, the import of daily checkpoint lists (new installations and inventory), and the import of information about M2M SIM cards. Data consolidation is also taking place and a migration scenario is being created for the changeover to the central master data application as the data-carrying system for the device installation. For special cases with regard to the market communication 2020, a process optimization is carried out. This is followed by the acceptance test, handover to the customer's internal IT department and user training.