Short description:

For an internationally operating food retailer, the PTA project team is supporting and further developing an interface for the exchange of purchasing master data, the task of which is to make data from the purchasing systems available to third-party systems in real time.


The interface starts with Oracle GoldenGate, which transfers the relevant information from the database of the purchasing systems to the central Oracle database of the interface. Various C# .NET services receive messages via the Solace event broker, which in turn cause the services to forward newly created or changed data to the consumers via Solace. In addition to this event-driven data transfer, the interface also includes several web APIs that enable consumers to retrieve information (in a JSON structure specially prepared for them) on-demand at any time. The PTA project team is responsible for analysing requirements (advising on the technical design), implementing these requirements and carrying out upstream tests. In addition, it oversees the roll-out process for all components of the interface, supports the customer's testing and provides support, i.e. it oversees the entire software development process.

Technical description:

Many of the customer's systems require up-to-date information from the purchasing systems on a daily basis, such as article and contract data. The interface for exchanging purchasing master data was created to reduce the burden on purchasing systems compared to direct access by third-party systems and to better control access to sensitive information, and is being continuously developed in line with the requirements of existing and new consumers.