Support for the IT department in the changeover of the productive reporting environment from IBM Cognos BI (version 10.2) to IBM Cognos Analytics (version 11.0).


The new Cognos software is installed on a new server that initially runs as a test machine. The Cognos content (report definitions and other metadata) is imported to the new server so that the IT department can verify the new environment. In the course of the changeover, the structuring of the content and, in particular, the authorization concept for Cognos are revised and simplified. In this phase, workshops are held with key users in order to familiarize them with the new environment and in order to coordinate the most important reports and content and the planned changes to the authorizations. New features in Cognos Analytics (particularly dashboards) are explained in brief. On the day of the changeover, the test environment is switched to the production version, after which user support is provided.


Reporting plays an important role in this company. Cognos reports (both relational and dimensional) are used to monitor the company's most important key figures at a high level; to enable this, the system provides numerous detailed reports, e.g. to check daily or hourly turnover in much greater detail or to monitor current inventories in the online and stationary areas.