Development of an application for supporting the entry of packages and delivery notes in goods receipt. Packages and delivery notes are entered by quantity for entire shipments and assigned to their shipments. By creating the relevant bar code labels for both packages and delivery notes, their allocation to a shipment is made persistent for internal data management and it is made accessible for further use in the warehouse.


The application is developed as a three-layer, service-oriented architecture consisting of a .NET-based rich client, an application server and an SQL 2005 database server. Web services are used for communicating between clients and the application server. The development is carried out in C# based on the .NET 3.5 framework.


The goods receipt process is characterized by a large throughput of packages in a short period when goods are delivered. Goods arrive in clusters in a narrow time frame in the morning so that the delivered goods can be distributed to the individual sales outlets on the same day.