Short description:

To increase transparency and process quality in material procurement for pipeline construction projects, the existing process is supported by a customized software solution. For the inbound supply chain, the solution enhances the material flow focused on standard materials so that it is possible to react more quickly to the planned demand situation. PTA takes charge of the requirements engineering through user workshops with various business functions involved. Subsequently, PTA takes charge of the conceptual design and implementation of the recorded requirements.


In a cross-functional team, PTA takes charge of the requirements engineering, conceptual design and implementation of the application in an agile collaboration with the customer. For this purpose, the team uses Azure DevOps as a collaboration platform. The requirements engineering is carried out through workshops with process participants from various business functions involved and thus the potential users. An evaluation of the workshop results is supported by applying the Kano model. Due to the strong linkage of the procurement in the project processing of pipeline construction projects, it is planned to be able to integrate further process steps. In order to justify the established use of desktop applications as well as taking advantage of modern web applications for integrative processes, the solution is developed as cross-platform application. By using the Electron framework, the application can be operated both as a classic desktop application and as a web application.

Technical description:

The selection of materials required for pipeline construction is simplified by providing a selection of standard materials. In addition, notes on the use of the materials are provided. The material list can then be exported for further use in various ordering processes (tendering, special production, etc.).