Short description:

Comparison portals use defined interfaces to request premiums and other data for motor vehicle insurance policies in order to compare them with other insurance companies. It is also possible to complete applications. PTA provides technical support for the interface. This includes enhancements, e.g. in the event of tariff changes, as well as ensuring the accessibility of the interface.


The interface is mapped via a Kubernetes-based cloud web service at AWS, which is implemented in Spring Boot with the help of Apache Camel. The incoming data is checked for plausibility, converted into the format of the backend systems for the actual calculations and sent there. Ensuring availability is a high priority, especially in the canvassing round, as failures there can result in a high loss of potential insurance contracts. Close monitoring is therefore carried out using Prometheus, Grafana and Dynatrace, among others.

Technical description:

The interface is addressed via the BiPRO standard. The transmitted data includes the data determined by the comparison portal, which is used to calculate the insurance premium, among other things.