Short description:

Within the scope of the project, 11 business process management tools selected by the customer are evaluated against the KO criteria of the PTA BPM Tool Criteria Catalogue. Based on the results, a short list of 3 to 4 tools is prepared on the client's side in order to enter into corresponding vendor discussions.


First, a long list of BPM tools that are basically suitable for the customer is drawn up together with the customer. Then, KO criteria are defined in the PTA BPM tool criteria catalogue (Excel) in order to reduce the list of 11 tools with as little effort as possible. Subsequently, the tools are evaluated by means of expert interviews (internal), vendor interviews (external) and manual tests (via corresponding test licences).

Technical description:

The customer wants to select the appropriate business process management software solution (BPM tool) from the tools available on the market. The PTA supports this by making a pre-selection based on previously determined criteria.