Short description:

Our client must transition to a new accounting standard for insurance companies by 2023. This is taking place while at the same time modernizing the historically grown IT landscape and organizational structure. PTA supports both the IT architecture and the improvement of the organizational structure.


On the one hand, PTA provides support through IT architecture. Here, the focus is on keeping the as-is architecture operational while modernizing components outside and inside the system, for example, various mainframe systems are modernized by cloud systems or converted to services. In addition, PTA coaches several external junior programmers in the customer's team. On the other hand, PTA advises on project organization through project management and specification. Here, the customer wants to gain an overview of the use cases that need to be converted to the new accounting standard in the first place. Additionally, the client wants to convert the organizational structure in the team to Agile. We accompany both by coaching by doing. We further support our customer with the definition and improvement of the involved business process, as well as with the test management of this business process and the IT systems attached.

Technical description:

The IT architecture serves the reporting and planning of taxes on a group level.