Short description:

PTA takes over a cloud-based application of the customer into support by PTA employees. The future support will take place on the customer's systems. The handover is made in several coordination meetings in which the application and its functionality as well as the architecture are presented. Further topics are the provision of the necessary infrastructure for the support work and the procedure for processing incidents that occur in ServiceNow. The information received is documented by the PTA in the Confluence area of the customer and thus serves as a basis for the provision of application support.


The application is an individual cloud-based solution. The development is mainly based on Java and Maven. Amazon Webservices and Jenkins are used as runtime environment and deployment tools. Problems in the application have so far been reported by users via e-mails, but in the further course of the project they are to be dealt with via a more formal procedure and recognised more quickly through technical metrics of the runtime environment for visualisation. In the future, it will be possible to automatically notify the support team by email when threshold values are exceeded and to automatically create a ticket in ServiceNow.

Technical description:

The primary purpose of the application is to enable brokerage houses to upload so-called brokerage packages (insurance contracts and contract packages concluded with their own customers) in the form of reconciled CSV files to the customer's systems. The application uses a system provided by the customer for secure uploading and transfers the data to follow-up processes at the customer's site, which performs a comparison with the customer's insurance portfolio.