Short description:

PTA takes over three cloud-based applications of the customer into the support by employees of PTA. The future support will take place on the customer's systems. The handover will take place in several coordination meetings, in which the functionality and architecture of the applications will be presented. Further topics are the provision of the necessary infrastructure for the support work and the procedure for processing incidents that occur in ServiceNow. The information received is documented by PTA in the customer's Confluence area and thus serves as a basis for the provision of application support.


All applications are individual cloud-based solutions. The development is essentially based on Java and Maven. Openshift and Jenkins are used as runtime environment and deployment tool. For early detection of problems in the applications, technical metrics of the runtime environment are collected via Prometheus and transmitted to Grafana for visualization. If threshold values are exceeded, an alert engine automatically notifies the support team by mail and a ticket is automatically created in ServiceNow.

Technical description:

The applications adopted support various specialist areas. In addition to applications for the customer's employees, these include in particular a component that is used to perform user authentication centrally for several applications.