Short description:

For one of the world's largest insurers, a new online sales and service web portal is being developed step by step in the cloud, which the insurance agents can already use in parts, such as the task management portal. In parallel, the existing (legacy) sales system is still mainly needed in order to be able to continue to advise customers adequately. So that the representatives can continue to use the necessary task management in the legacy system and maintain an overview of all tasks from both systems, the newly created tasks, identified by a new type designation, are read from the cloud application and displayed in the legacy system. Furthermore, in this CRM list display it is made possible that by mouse click on the new task, the new web application is started and all details about this task are displayed.


Close functional and technical coordination is taking place across teams with the teams of the task management portal, the architecture and the intermediate layer, which is responsible for forwarding the new tasks. Challenges are the different architectures of the CRM system and the new web portal, the authentication of the legacy system in the new world, and the mapping of the attributes of the task objects, which are different in some cases. The project includes support in business and requirements analysis, IT coordination and implementation in an agile environment, execution of quality assurance (creation and execution of functional tests) as well as compliance with a multi-stage update planning until delivery.

Technical description:

The agent is provided with the option in the Legacy system to have all created tasks - including those from the new web application - listed. Double-clicking on the new (web) task opens the new task management web portal, where the details of the task can be viewed. It is ensured that the tasks from the two systems can be differentiated by origin and type. While both systems are still running in parallel, this fulfills a legally required seamless consultation and documentation obligation.