Short description:

As part of the overall project, the customer is setting up and commissioning new warehouse locations throughout Germany. These have different degrees of automation in warehouse management for the individual product ranges. For this purpose, various automation service providers will be integrated into the customer's existing system landscape. For the integration, the customer's inventory systems, in particular the decentralised warehouse management system, will be further developed in an agile manner and connected to the IT systems of the various automated service providers via a communicator developed by the customer. Based on the test strategy developed by PTA for the customer in the preliminary project, PTA will take over the operative test management for the further development of the inventory systems as well as the customer-side integration and acceptance of the automated warehouse management systems for two warehouse locations.


The manufacturers and internal development teams are responsible for quality assurance measures during the respective sprints using test tools (e.g. SonarQube or various frameworks for automated unit tests). After acceptance of the user stories in the sprint review, the enhancements are handed over to the higher-level test management for the further test stages, which starts at the system test level and moves on to ever more extensive integration stages on the customer side. In parallel, the customer-specific extensions and configurations of the automation service provider are divided into process/functional modules and tested in joint test workshops. Subsequently, all IT systems go through a joint integration test. For the respective warehouse locations, a test is also carried out in conjunction with the actual conveyor and warehouse technology without using emulators or simulators, as well as an acceptance test by the operating staff.

Technical description:

PTA supports the customer in the implementation of operational test management and controls the quality assurance measures for the further development of the existing systems. This includes coordination, controlling and support of test case creation as well as the execution of system and customer integration tests. Other tasks include checking the user stories and creating the acceptance criteria in joint sprint definitions as well as fulfilling these in the sprint reviews. PTA assumes the role of test manager for the customer vis-à-vis the automation service providers and controls the customer's preparation and implementation of the test workshops as well as the defect management for the acceptance of the customer-specific extensions and adaptations. As overarching tasks, PTA identifies the test environments together with the customer and supports the coordination of their set-up. In addition, there is the preparation of the overall integrative test stages for the warehouse locations.