Short description:

Designing and implementing an application for recording and evaluating strategic marketing data according to the scope of products and market size. The aim of the application is to display and compare a product hierarchy and a sales hierarchy, in order to assess and evaluate trends and to draw conclusions for requirements planning in production.


The product manufacturing and marketing units view products differently. Agents are given support in allocating the structures (mapping) by means of an appropriate dialog structure. Some of the data is exported from Access to MS Excel via an interface, where it is used for further evaluations. The application enables top-down and bottom-up analyses.

Technical description:

The stages of the product scope are subdivided various times and correspond to specific levels of the market scope. Entries on different levels and views are aggregated upwards in evaluation hierarchies and distributed downwards on the basis of rules. Both views are always coordinated at any one time. The evaluations form the basis for marketing activities and production planning.