The aim of the project is to create a touchscreen application for barcode label detection and order picking of flat linen. The application replaces an old application in the production area of laundries and supports the compilation of deliveries.


The application is a Java Rich Client application which is installed together with the MySQL database on a terminal server. At the terminals in production, operation is mainly via touch screen. The user interface is implemented using Java-Swing. The application has numerous interfaces (SAP R/3, bar code printer, bar code scanner, replication database). OpenSource frameworks such as Spring (for managing the business and DAO layer, transaction management) and ibatis (for the persistence layer) are used for the implementation.


After cleaning and packing of flat linen (e. g. sheets, towels, napkins) the application creates labels for the packages. The labels are used to assign customer and item data to the packages. During subsequent picking, these labels can be scanned using barcode scanners and assigned to the deliveries of customer orders. The deliveries are sent to the central ERP system, in which the delivery note printing and goods issue posting take place. In case of an emergency, a delivery note can be printed directly from the application.