Short description:

The customer's accident insurance is also to be sold via a cooperation model. An accident insurance product tailored to the respective partner is to be offered. PTA provides support with the architecture, implementation, test automation and cloud deployment.


In order to meet the tight deadlines, existing software was reused and only the frontend was newly developed. The application supports the customer with pre-configured product suggestions and dynamic displays of accident insurance benefits. The implementation of the frontend is based on Angular and Typescript. To enable smooth deployment, a very high level of test automation was created and the DevOps strategies Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) were used. PTA supports not only the conceptualisation and implementation but also the downstream monitoring of the application.

Technical description:

The application should enable the customer to strengthen sales of accident insurance via cooperation partners. The initial implementation is being carried out with a co-operation partner from the sports industry, but should serve as a basis for further co-operations. In future, the application will also be available on the customer's website. Respective partners will be offered a customised configuration of an accident insurance.