Short description:

The middleware 'Lobster_data' is used within the scope of EDI connections of customers for the receipt of electronic orders as well as for the dispatch of electronic order confirmations, shipping notifications and invoices to support the e-commerce department of a paper wholesaler. In the course of ongoing digitization in the form of automation and consolidation of processes at the customer's, the software is first updated to the current version by the manufacturer in an update project and then customized by the PTA, after which the functional test is carried out together with the customer.


The update project consists of three phases. At the start of the project, coordination takes place with the software manufacturer Lobster GmbH. The manufacturer then remotely upgrades the customer's Lobster_data test system from version 3.5.4 (client application) to the latest version 4.1.0 (web application) using MS Teams and TeamViewer. In the process, the Java version is also updated and libraries for JasperReports are provided. In the test system, after a customer-specific setup by the PTA, the functional test is performed by the PTA together with the customer. After the tests are completed, the production system is updated to the same version. There, too, the same work steps take place as before in the test system (version update by manufacturer, customer-specific setup, functional test).

Technical description:

In the course of the version update, a conversion/optimization of the processing of electronic orders received via e-mail (SMTP) is also carried out by the PTA. Following a comprehensive changeover of the system landscape at the customer's site, IMAP is no longer available, only POP3. Therefore, a Lobster profile (mail dispatcher) is created, which fetches all e-mails from the inbox of the order mailbox in one step. The e-mails are archived on the Lobster server. The Mail Dispatcher then distributes the e-mails to the active profiles with incoming agent e-mail/POP3 based on defined distribution rules (with restrictive filter criteria such as subject, format of the file attachment and sender e-mail address). This ensures that no emails from the wrong profile are processed. Lobster_data preorders the processing order internally, but you can also influence it afterwards.