Short description:

The online assistance of the customer application is updated. An inventory of help topics was previously made for the online help. Help topics that do not exist are now being updated.


The online assistance is maintained on a virtual machine using the Adobe RoboHelp program. The wizards, domains, and master data dialogs of the customer application that were marked as missing in the inventory are maintained step by step. To do this, an HTML file must be filled with content, this must be added to the table of contents of the online help and a help ID must be assigned to the topic. This is now registered on the database and stored in the source code in the calling classes as a property. Finally, the online help is generated and put online. The help topics can now be called up context-sensitively from the application.

Technical description:

The online assistance serves as orientation for the users of the customer application and the auditors. It explains how to use its domains and wizards correctly and helps to use the application optimally and to understand the processes.