Short description:

The customer is supported in updating its Information Security Management System with the standard Verinice software used for this purpose.


The information security measures collected by the customer in accordance with Grundschutz BSI 100-2 are to be updated in the standard Verinice software used for this purpose. For this purpose, individual discussions are held with the respective persons responsible in the organization and the corresponding data is adjusted in the system. Finally, audit-proof documentation and reports that can be evaluated by the auditors are to be prepared.

Technical description:

First, the data from the ISMS system is reviewed and updated together with the responsible persons. Furthermore, additional information is added to the current data status. Afterwards, the Verinice reports are coordinated and adapted with the person responsible for the project on the customer side. Finally, the entire procedure is documented with the aim of having the customer carry out the update itself in the future.